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Token Economy

Fan Engagement Enhancement Tokens

If the content providers seek to enhance fan engagement

First, the content provider will be recommended to purchases tokens available in RED° TOKYO TOWER. Then, the content provider can distribute the tokens to the fans as a reward for their contribution to content growth, such as community development activities, friend referrals, etc. We believe that this will generate stronger engagement of fans with the content by generating economic value in the form of incentives to contribute to the content, which has not been apparent until now.
When the content provider seeks to increase revenue per fan
In this case, first, a fan purchase tokens. Depending on the number of tokens the fan is holding, he/she will be eligible to acquire exclusive products, participate in the fan community, and more. The fan can pay for the content’s services with the token, which means the content provider will be paid with the token.

Other Token Utilities

Payment Function

We will expand the number of partners so that the token can be used for regular day-to-day payments which includes discounted content purchases.

Voting Function

In games, various types of voting are envisioned, such as voting for favorite characters, voting to decide directions of content, and voting on new product development.

What We Aim to Be

We hope to increase the value of content and strengthen fan engagement by making one-way communication from content to fans a two-way communication through the fan token mechanism described above.