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Our Solutions

We provide the following solutions for the content providers.

Fan community development support

We will support the content providers in issuing community participation proof NFTs and managing their communities.

Ticket NFT sales support

We will design ticket NFTs that will be used at various physical events including our partner facilities, starting with our RED° TOKYO TOWER.

E-Commerce Support

We will support the content providers in admission tasks such as NFT ownership verification, required when the content providers sell exclusive products to NFT holders.

Token incentives for fans

We will support the content providers in designing incentive structures so that users will be rewarded for introducing content to others, bringing in new users for the content, and such.

Token incentives that do not rely on content providers’ proprietary tokens

The existing fan tokens have been issued for each respective content, which has led to liquidity issues and speculative demand, resulting in tokens’ unstable prices. Therefore, we plan to use a common fan token among the content providers to provide liquidity and stabilize prices. We are also convinced that by making the common fan token among the content providers, the fans will gain opportunities to access new content they are not familiar with. Therefore, the content providers can acquire new visitors from different fan communities, revitalizing the content services in the facility. We believe that for the content providers, this will be not a zero-sum effect, but a positive-sum effect.