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We believe that the following issues need to be addressed regarding the current situation of the fan communities in our facility.


The existing fan communities are using their fan club platforms, and since the communities rely on their platforms to interact with their fans, they cannot proactively communicate with the fans.

Limited interaction among fans

In the existing fan clubs, information is only delivered from the content providers to individual fans, limiting information exchanges among the fans as well as content suggestions given from the fans.

Fan’s contribution activities are not recognized

Fan’s word-of-mouth effort and contributions such as derivative work do not pay off.

High cost and complex operation for communities to develop their own websites

In addition to the high cost required to develop the community website, content providers incur operational and human resource costs. We think that for small and medium-sized content providers, building their own websites is challenging.

Liquidity and Price Instability

Existing fan tokens include crowdfunding-related tokens and governance tokens, but we consider their unstable prices and low liquidity challenging.