Project Summary

What is RED?

"RED" is a project that supports the growth of great entertainment content in Japan and worldwide by revitalizing fan communities through token incentives.
We have one of Japan's largest e-spots amusement and event facilities, "RED° TOKYO TOWER," located in Tokyo Tower, Tokyo’s landmark, which serves as a venue for exhibiting plenty of entertainment content every day.
There are words unique to Japan, such as "otaku" and "oshi-katsu," that refer to enthusiastic fans and purchasing activities for entertainment content, which have a massive impact in terms of the number of people and the amount of money spent on it as shown in the graph below.
We believe that one of the most crucial ways to ensure that these enthusiastic fans and their purchasing activities do not slow down and that the content continues to grow is to improve products through communication with fans and to create a system that rewards the fans' supporting activities.
Last modified 6mo ago